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Added 03 of October 2019

Fierce Mistress Britney Rosman from Petrozavodsk clothed in pants and high heels dominates daft Victor Bagirov from Paris in airplan

Added 02 of October 2019

exclusive clip from Mistress Ella and her husband-slave from Real Femdom Family

Added 01 of October 2019

femdom clip from Mistress Ella . Her clipsrore here : Real Femdom Family -

Dominant wife Ella has a lot of panties to sit on her husband's face. Today he has choosed white/pink panties.

24 of 02 of 2014 :

Yes and here you see the same gallery - i like the woman ---- good pussy, good face...
Usually guys want to see pussy. And here we see pussy. But what about breasts? Where the breasts? Why these women didn't remove bras? I want to see their tits!

Added 22 of February 2014 :

Lick my ass and my pussy. You breakfast this moning is my pussy and ass. Tasty?

Added 21 of February 2014 :

This Cruel Dominatrix has no time to talk to slave - Rissian woman - it also doesn't want to her what he says - she just close his mouth with her pussy. Hahah - he must thank her she allows him to breath sometimes....

Added 20 of February 2014 :

Ohh, these young bodies of dominant Russian women... they sit on his face. He must play slave in this shoot, but he looks happy :)

Added 19 of February 2014 :

Mistress Arella dominates her slave with feet in stockings and sits on his face after that ...

Added 18/02/14 :

Hairy breakfast for the slave :

Added 17 of February :

Beautiful ass and pussy worshiped by slave + facesitting. Nice, nice body!!!

Added 16 of February, 2019 :

I'm not sure this one is real Mistress, but she is kinky and has nice shaved pussy as well...

Added 15 of February, 2019 :
16 pictures of Mistress with long legs takes her panties off and sits on slave's face . Hahah - never understand girls like this one
doing porno, but they do and we can be happy . Otherwise how we see their pussies? To see pictures click on the picture below :

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